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This page contains a collection of more or less advanced PROLOG programs which I developed to test some research ideas. The programs pose experimental implementations and, thus, they are not intended for beginners. I plan to publish a collection of introductory programs for learning PROLOG later this year. So, stay tuned.

All programs at this page are written in "standard" PROLOG so it is possible to use them almost everywhere. However, I do not guarantee that you will not have to make some slight changes depending on PROLOG implementation that you use. I developed all programs at this page using Open Prolog on Apple Macintosh.

This page contains following programs (click on the title to get to a specific program):


Tip: Look at page with general references on PROLOG or page with my publications for information on algorithms that are implemented in following programs.

 A Generalized Algorithm for Solving Constraint Hierarchies 1997

 HCLP (Hierarchical Constraint Logic Programming) 1996

The program implements a plug-in architecture for HCLP. To get an HCLP solver, you need to include:

Example file

To get more details read my article on plug-in architecture of constraint hierarchy solvers presented at PACT '97 (postscript file).

 CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problems) 1996

The program implements a skeleton for labeling, the main part of CSP solvers. You need to include a plug-in module containing a constraint solver to get a specific labeling procedure. Two examples of plug-in modules are enclosed.

Word Puzzle Solver

This is a program, based on CSP, for solving word puzzles. Example of usage is enclosed.

 Meta-variables 1996

There is a PROLOG implementation of the meta-variable concept originated from ECRC. With this module you can use meta-variables in "normal" PROLOG.

 Constructive negation 1994

The program implements a constructive negation using the concept of meta-interpreters. It is a refined version of program from my Master Thesis.

You can go through some slides which I prepared to describe the idea of constructive negation.

 BinWAM Compiler 1994

The program contains a simple PROLOG compiler developed during my studies of PROLOG compilers. It compiles PROLOG source to BinWAM instructions.

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