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Courses on CD-ROM

Because of increasing interest in providing the Prolog and Constraints Guides for off-line browsing or as a compact file for print, I decided to offer you a CD-ROM version of the guides.

I expect that the CD-ROM version will consist of the following sections:

this section will more or less mirror the on-line version of the guides but I expect to cover additional topics there
Advanced Techniques
completely new section deepening the material in tutorial and covering some advanced topics and recent results in respective areas
Programming Workshop
a collection of example programs (mostly in a run able form) and case studies
Info Book
Q&A's, references to printed and on-line materials, encyclopedia of systems, glossary
a collection of software you will need to view the guide and the demo or shareware/freeware versions of some systems (of course after agreement with respective authors)
If you want your software to be included on respective CD-ROM, please contact me.

(note that the below dates are preliminary and the actual availability is highly dependent on your demand)

Constraints Guide: June-July 1999 (now under construction)

Prolog Guide: ??? (postponed due to little interest)

So, if you are interested in such form of CD-ROM course, please fill in the following form. Note that filling this form does not mean any commitment from you and the information will be used for internal purposes only.

Expression of interest

1. Which guide are you interested in?
(note that both guides will be distributed separately)

Prolog Guide      Constraints Guide

2. Which form of the guide you prefer?
(I expect to concentrate on HTML form and if there will be enough interest I will put the PDF and PostScript versions as well - for easy print)

HTML   PDF   PostScript

3. Choose the format of CD-ROM you prefer?
(for the present, I expect to develop a hybrid CD-ROM with both partitions)

MacOS   Windows (ISO 9660)

4. Indicate the prize you are willing to pay for one guide:
(I will definitely not be able to distribute the CD-ROM version free of charge)

+shipping cost (please use USD, GBP, EUR)


6. Contact
(if you want to be informed about availability of respective guide, please fill in)





If you plan to buy more copies of the guide for your institution or to distribute this guide with your product, please contact me.

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