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Some of my constraint related tutorials (with slides to download):

Now you can download a survey in the form of PDF file (146 KB) or PowerPoint presentation (404 KB)
Please use the following reference for the survey (I welcome if you inform me about your papers referring this document):
Constraint Programming: In Pursuit of the Holy Grail
Barták, R., in Proceedings of the Week of Doctoral Students (WDS99), Part IV, MatFyzPress, Prague, June 1999, pp. 555-564.

Here is a deep survey of constraint propagation techniques: paper or presentation
Please use the following reference for the survey:
Theory and Practice of Constraint Propagation
Barták, R., in Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Constraint Programming for Decision and Control (CPDC2001), Wydavnictvo Pracovni Komputerowej, Gliwice, Poland, June 2001, pp. 7-14.

Another presentation with survey of constraint programming techniques (including backjumping and backmarking).

Thanks to Galina Miklosic you can read part of the guide in Belorussian.

  „Constraint programming represents one of the closest approaches computer science has yet made to the Holy Grail of programming: the user states the problem, the computer solves it."

Eugene C. Freuder, CONSTRAINTS, April 1997

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Constraint Satisfaction

Binarization of Constraints

Systematic Search Algorithms

Consistency Techniques

Constraint Propagation

Variable and Value Ordering

Reducing Search

Heuristics and Stochastic Algorithms

Benchmarking and Algorithm Analysis

Over-Constrained Problems

Extending CSP

Partial Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Constraint Hierarchies

Algorithms for Solving Constraint Hierarchies

Alternative and Generalized Approaches

Modeling and Solving Real-Life Problems

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